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About CHBF

Coffs Habour Bluewater Freediving Club (CHBFC) is an amateur sporting club based in the beautiful Coffs Harbour region on the North Coast of NSW. We are lucky enough to have the Solitary Islands as our front yard and such, encounter world class spearfishing and freediving every week! Our founding members established CHBFC in 1994 and has since seen the club grow and bring in many new divers. Our members range from young groms like Korben (shown on left) to the 84 year old floating sniper, Darcy.

CHBFC hosts the annual Australian Bluewater Freediving Classic, the premier spearfishing competition on the Australian calendar. Detailed information can be found in the Bluewater Classic tab.

Our club meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month in Woolgoogla, where we discuss club issues, upcoming events, club competitions, community involvement, and organise away trips. We dive our club competition the first Sunday of each month (weather permitting), new divers are able to join experienced spearos on their boats and learn how to successfully, and safely hunt big fish!

We pride ourselves on our environmental values and strive to promote the safe, selective and sustainable nature of spearfishing. CHBFC is affiliated with the Australian Underwater Federation (AUF) and membership is invited to any diver who shares our sustainable values. 

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