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2024 Australian Bluewater Classic: Species List

Schedule A - Species List 

All fish presented for weigh-in must come from the following list of 28 categories. Competitors may only weigh in one fish from each of the 28 categories each competition day.

Only 5 fish may be weighed in by each competitor on each competition day.

Fish not listed cannot be presented or attain any score in the competition.

All fish must be minimum of 45cm in length and meet the NSW legal minimum requirements.


1)      ​Amberjack (All Combined)

2)      Barracuda (All Combined)

3)      Bonito (All Combined)

4)      Cobia

5)      Dolphin Fish - 60cm Legal Length

6)      Jobfish (All combined)

7)      Kingfish (Yellowtail) - 65cm Legal Length

8)      Mackerel (Spanish) - 75cm Legal Length

9)      Mackerel (Spotted) - 60cm Legal Length

10)  Mackerel (School)

11)  Mackerel (Other combined except scad and slimey)

12)  Marlin (All Combined)

13)  Mulloway - 70cm Legal Length / Max 2 per boat

14)  Queenfish (All combined)

15)  Rainbow Runner

16)  Sailfish

17)  Samson Fish

18)  Snapper

19)  Tailor

20)  Trevally (Diamond)

21)  Trevally (Golden)

22)  Trevally (Giant)

23)  Trevally (Other combined)

24)  Tuna (Yellowfin)

25)  Tuna (Dogtooth)

26)  Tuna (Northern Bluefin)

27)  Tuna (Other combined)

28)  Wahoo

*Combined means that all species and sub-species of this fish, which are not listed separately or specifically excluded, will be combined under this category. Weigh in limits and scoring apply to the category (ie combined group – not individual sub-species).

Rev 1.7

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